The Coral Reef

What is coral? Coral belongs to a group of animals called Cnidarians. This group encompasses hard and soft corals, Sea fans, Gorgonians Hydroids, Jellyfish and Sea anemones. Although a vary diverse group, there are a few shared features. They have a free-swimming larval stage and a simple body. The most important feature of Cnidarians is the presence of nematocysts (stinging cells) which are used to catch prey.

A coral reef is a like a city, providing shelter and food for many different fish and invertebrates. Come on one of our exciting tours and experience for yourself the crystal clear water and myriad of sea life below you.

the caves

A 30-40 minute boat ride will take you from Road Town, past Peter Island to...

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jost van dyke

This tour encompasses a visit to Sandy Spit. Everyones image of a secluded tropic Isle..

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virgin gorda

A full day tour to Virgin Gorda includes a stop at the Baths,The Dogs and ...

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Cistern Point

A 40-45 minute boat ride takes you from Road Town to Cistern Point off Cooper Island......

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Guana Island

Monkey Point on the southwestern tip of Guana Island is home to large Tarpon and .....

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Feeling Adventurous

Try our RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) Expedition. What makes this different ...

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